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In our Bank you have an opportunity to receive all necessary financial services, from opening and maintaining accounts, plastic cards, exchange transactions to all types of loan.

All information, on the services and products interesting you, is submitted on our website.

At us it is very easy to open the deposit account. Where to address? – To any of our branches and CBS, or leave the application on our website, call call center, and our employees will contact you in the nearest future.

Deposits in Spitamen Bank are not just additional income, but also the guaranteed safety of your means in one of the leading banks of the country.

Need a loan? Do you want to buy the car, the apartment, to have a rest by the sea, to pour new money in business or to grant other desire? Realize your dream, having used our credit from Spitamen Bank. 

Make a choice from the wide list of the credits: mortgage lending, consumer loans, car loans, the agrocredits, the credits for business development and so forth. Low interest rates, the thought-over conditions, short terms of issuance of credit – one of our many advantages. 

We have one of the biggest lists of systems of money transfers in the country, having used which, you can send money almost to all countries of the world, or receive them. The system of a uniform window of systems of money transfers gives the chance even more to save time of our clients, accelerating process of sending and receiving money. 

Having opened at us the settlement account, you will very quickly get used to high standards of service. You can use such services as opening and maintaining accounts in national and foreign currencies, wire transfers, cash service, the SMS or e-mail informing, currency exchange transactions, international payments, carrying out payments in dollars USD, EUR and RUB and many others. 

Our salary project and payment cards – one of the most favorable. The bank suggests to use two most popular international cards – Visa and UnionPay by means of which it is possible to get access to a wide complex of services, such as non-cash payments, money transfers, to remote control of accounts and so forth, on favorable tariffs. Also you can connect service an overdraft. 

Call our call center, send a message by means of our website, and our experts will provide you all necessary information.