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You can issue and receive in short terms the most popular international world map – Visa, in two categories: Classic and Gold.

Advantages of cards of Visa:

  • 0% of the commissions in case of payment of goods and services in Tajikistan, Europe and in other countries of the world
  • SMS banking and Internet banking
  • The transfer from a card to a card (POS P2P Debit) — account replenishment of cards via the POS Terminal
  • The transfer from a card to a card (ATM)
  • Possibility of non-cash addition of card scores: (USD and TJS)
  • Possibility of change of the PIN code by means of ATMs.

Visa Classic is a classical card of the international payment service provider Visa. Use of this card does not require mandatory authorization. Annual service of Visa Classic is set by banks, rates rather low. Visa Classic is intended, generally to users with an average and above the average level of income. The card differs in a fine ratio of the price and quality that does it to one of the most popular cards around the world. 

The elite card of Visa Gold belongs to a segment of bonus Visa cards of the payment service provider. It is considered the card intended for business people with prosperity above an average and having good banking history. Visa Gold differs from other categories of cards in enhanced features. 

Having acquired Visa Gold card, you receive the following minimum set of services which can be added by bank: 

  1. involvement in insurance programs;
  2. possibility of receiving discount IAPA card; 
  3. round-the-clock service of client support; 
  4. discounts and favorable sentences according to special programs.

Our rates on Visa cards

 Services         Tariffs    
 Visa Classic Visa Gold
 Card issue  Free  Free     
 Services up to 4 years      10 USD      15 USD   
 Deposit  0      100 USD   
Monthly limit      
 АТМ transactions (number)  25   30 
 Payments using POS (number)  25  30
 АТМ and POS cash withdrawal   
 500 USD  500 USD 
 Payment using POS    2 000 USD  2 000 USD 

Also you can see the full rates on Visa cards.

To order a payment card, please contact one of our branches or the BSC. In addition, you can  write or call our call center and get the necessary information, or use the special form on this page and send us a request, our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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