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Making dreams come true is better with Spitamen Bank!

Want to furnish your house, go on a trip, give a good education to your children, buy an equipment? Regardless of what you need, you can always apply for a loan.

Convenient consumer loan for satisfaction the unexpected needs for money. Spitamen Bank understands importance of a factor of time and therefore we submit the credits within short terms and on the following conditions:

  TJS   USD 
  Loan amount: from 1 000 tо 50 000    Loan amount: from 100 tо 5 000
  Interest rates: from 27% p.a.   Interest rates: 19% p.a.
  Collateral: flexible access to the collateral  
  Guarantor: required   
  Maturity: from 1 tо 24 month

Loan Calculator

Necessary documents for receiving the Consumer loan:

  • Copy of the passport and client's INN.
  • The document of the client confirming a source of income: Certificate of the salary or Patent/certificate.

Why to take a loan in Spitamen Bank?

  • Fast loan issuance
  • Low interest rates
  • Individual and flexible approach to each client

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