Vehicle Insurance And Its Advantages



Car loan is a convenient and modern way to buy a dream car in a short time, if there is no money for it here and now. When applying for a car loan, as an additional option, the buyer is recommended to insure the purchased car. Some clients believe that this service is implemented only in the interests of the bank. Let's see how true this is.

The real reasons for this recommendation are to take care of the client's interests. We will briefly talk about the positive aspects of purchasing an insurance policy and the consequences if it is not available.

First of all, it should be noted that banks do not provide property insurance services, that is, insurance is carried out by other organizations, and the insured amount is transferred to the account of the insurer company.

For a bank, having an insurance program is a guarantee of loan repayment. For the client, this is a chance to prevent possible consequences in the event of unforeseen circumstances: unlawful actions of third parties, falling of foreign objects, natural disasters, collisions with animals, fire or traffic accidents. These consequences include: delay in debt, deterioration of credit history in the CIBT, or even worse, the sale of collateral.

For example, a client takes money from a bank to buy a car without insurance, in this case, in the event of an accident, the owner, in addition to the monthly debt to the bank, will have to pay the foreman for car repairs, and this can have a bad effect on the family budget. In the case of car insurance, all costs, from evacuation to covering individual costs, fall on shoulders of the insurance company, which is clearly beneficial to the client.

Loan statistics show that during the work there were registered more than 100 cases of purchase of auto insurance purchased on credit from Spitamen Bank and the total amount of damage coverage at the expense of the insurance company is estimated at over 1,000,000 TJS.

Based on the foregoing, Spitamen Bank, taking care of the well-being of customers, recommends registration of auto loan insurance, and if you insure a loan with one of the country's leading insurance companies – Spitamen Insurance, as to the client of Spitamen Bank, the service will be provided under special, favorable conditions.

We also remind that only until the end of this year it is possible to apply for a car loan at Spitamen Bank with reduced interest rates: 14% in US dollars, 20%-22% in national currency TJS.

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