Spitamen Bank Will Continue Issuing Credits/Loans At Reduced Interest Rates



Spitamen Bank, taking into account numerous requests from customers, as well as taking into account the relevance of the product for the population of the country, decided to extend the term of the “Easy interests” credit campaign until December 31, 2020. According to the terms of the campaign, interests on the loan/credit has been reduced to 6 points. During this period, it is possible to obtain a loan/credit in TJS from 20%, and in foreign currency – 14% per annum.

Customers support in difficult times is very important! Especially now, when business needs affordable financial resources that are designed to contribute to its development and strengthening. Also, it should be noted that Spitamen Bank doesn’t charge any commission from clients for issuing loans/credits. We are confident that such actions on the part of Spitamen Bank will contribute to the strengthening and development of the country's economy" – said Umedjon Hikmatov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Spitamen Bank.

Both current and potential clients of the bank can take out a loan/credit at reduced interest rates

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