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Spitamen Bank suggests to use two most popular international Visa and UnionPay cards by means of which it is possible to get access to a wide complex of services, such as non-cash payments, money transfers, to remote control of accounts, payment of goods by means of the Internet and so forth.
You can use cards for shopping in shops, supermarkets, cafe, restaurants, gas stations, drugstores, to pay services, and all this not only within Tajikistan, but also in other countries.

Cards from Spitamen Bank – it is always convenient and easy. Your means not only will be in safety, but you will always have the necessary sum near at hand. We provide reliability of storage of yours, in case of loss of a card, you will be able to block access to your money at once.

Spitamen Bank guarantees high reliability of safety of your means and operations on payment of goods and services. Without changing bank to the principles of commitment to the advanced information technologies and also for the purpose of providing high-quality services, uses the processing center of the QUIPU company which is in Frankfurt (Germany).

Service of processing in this company, in addition, guarantees:

  • high degree of safety of transactions of clients;
  • ample technical and technological capabilities of the processing center QUIPU;
  • increased security measures of personal data of clients.
Our tariffs one of the most favorable. The commission at payment commission around the world makes 0%. And the introduced technology of contactless payments allows to make purchases in one contact.

Necessary documents for design of cards:

  • For residents: passport, INN
  • For nonresidents: passport
The term of production of the payment card is from 1 to 3 days.

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