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Need funds to expand your business? Get a special loan in the Spitamen Bank for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. You can get loans up to 3 000 000 somoni or up to 300 000 US dollars, in a short time and on the following terms:

 27% - for a repeat loan  

27%- for a new loan

from 30 0001 to 3000 000 somoni

 18% - for a repeat loan  

      19%-  for a new loan

from  30 001 to 300 000 US dollars

Maturity: from 3 tо 36 month 

 Preferential terms: up tо 4 months

          *For regular customers the Bank provides special interest rates.

Loan Calculator

Necessary documents for receiving the credit:

  • Passport and client's TIN.
  • Certificate of registration of  business activity.

Why take out a loan in Spitamen Bank?

  • Fast loan execution
  • Low interest rates
  • Individual and flexible approach to each client

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