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Pay for goods in installments with Spitamen Bank - it's fast, easy and affordable!

The service Goods by Installments gives an opportunity to purchase a wide range of products through the monthly installment plan without overpaying for it.

You can purchase goods by paying monthly on the following conditions:
Loan amount From 1 000 to 50 000 TJS
Interest rate  0%
Maturity For up to 12 months
To whom Private Individuals

 * Some types of goods are not taken as collateral (mobile phones, chandeliers, wallpaper, etc.). In such cases, 1 guarantor will be required for the amount from 1 000 to 15 000 somoni, for sums over 15 000 somoni, a collateral is required - movable property.

Loan Calculator

Documents required:

  • Copy of passport and TIN
  • A proof of income: Letter from the employer confirming income or Patent/Certificate with information about paying taxes for the last 6 months.

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