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CJSC Spitamen Bank, for assistance to development of the import and export sphere, offers products of trade and export financing. Trade financing aims to minimize risks of exporters and importers, when carrying out international payments.

For the businessmen doing international trade the special product – "Trade financing" is offered. This product is intended for protection of interests of exporters and importers against possible financial risks upon purchase and sale of goods and services.

Purposes of trade financing:

  • import financing – financing of clients in the form of opening of the letter of credit and drawing of bank guarantees; 
  • service of import and export letters of credit; provision of guarantees; 
  • advising of the guarantees issued by foreign banks in favor of clients of bank.

Letter of credit

CJSC Spitamen Bank provides services in a letter of credit form of calculations. The bank, according to the statement of the client, undertakes the obligation of providing payment to the third party, according to the arrangement of the parties. This service not only allows to guarantee payment to the supplier, but also gives the chance to work, without distracting current assets.

Spitamen Bank provides this service, both for internal, and for international payments.

Bank guarantees

The bank guarantee in Spitamen Bank is an effective and reliable way of ensuring performance of obligations. The bank guarantee is an irrevocable obligation of Bank guarantor to pay to the beneficiary a certain sum, upon presentation of the requirement of payment in strict accordance with guarantee conditions.

Guarantees from Spitamen Bank

Spitamen Bank provides the following types of guarantees:

  • tender guarantee;
  • guarantees of return of an advance payment;
  • guarantees of implementation of obligations;
  • payment guarantees;
  • counterguarantee.
Currency of the provided guarantee: somoni, US dollars, Euro, Russian rubles, Chinese yuans, etc.

Main advantages

  • Individual approach to each Client, the analysis of each separate contract and acceptance in attention of needs of the Client.
  • Examination and help in drawing up the external economic contract.
  • Minimization of expenses and risks of default on obligations.
  • Lack of need of derivation from a turn of own means.
  • Favorable financing terms in comparison with the cost of the bank credit.
  • Flexible structuring agreement and optimization of payment under the contract.
  • Support of reliable reputation of your company before the foreign partner.
  • Support of the agreement by Bank from beginning to end. A possibility of receiving financing on a long-term basis.

Basic financing terms of the external transaction

  • Existence of the external economic contract which has provided real trade operation, that is delivery of concrete goods from one country to another.
  • Existence of need of the Client in attraction of financial resources of Bank for implementation of import or export operation with the purpose of economy of own resources and/or their direction on other purposes.
  • Preferable use of a documentary form of calculations according to the external economic contract.
  • The basic term of financing — up to one year, in some cases – up to three years.

Who can use trade financing?

  • The companies the goods for realization buying abroad in Tajikistan.
  • The companies the raw materials and accessories getting abroad for the subsequent use in the course of production.
  • The enterprises buying machines and the equipment of foreign production.
  • The enterprises the carrying-out export deliveries of different types of goods and the equipment. 

You can obtain more detailed information, having called call center of Bank.