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Spitamen Bank which is fairly considered as one of the steadiest and developing banks of the country offers deposit products, having used which it is possible not only to be confident in safety of the money, but also to gain certain income.

The deposits of  Spitamen Bank are a good decision for those who want to keep the money in stable Bank and not to worry about their safety. The conducted surveys have shown that it is more important to clients of bank to know that their savings are in reliable bank, and percent – an additional bonus. 

We offer legal entities convenient option of storage of available funds – the deposit "Hazina". The interest rate depends on the contribution size. Your means are available at any time. There is a possibility of introduction of an additional contribution in the first half of term of the contract. 

Deposits open for a period of 6 months up to 3 years, if necessary the depositor can withdraw the funds at any time according to his first requirement.

Deposit 'Khazina'

 Currency Minimum term Up to 10 000  From 10 000 tо 30 000  From 30 001 tо 50 000  From 50 001 tо 100 000      From 100 001 and more  
    TJS  12 months 0% 1%
2% 3%
    USD     0,5% 1%

Deposit Calculator

Percent on a deposit are paid after a deduction of income tax of 12% of total amount of the added percent.