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Spitamen Bank Strategy 2020 - 2022

Our Mission:

Providing high-quality, modern and reliable banking services to customers, for the growth of their entrepreneurial activity and financial well-being.

Our Values:

Customer focus. Timely and quality service through respectful attitude; understanding of customer needs, as well as equal relationships.

Honesty and transparency. Honesty and transparency in relation to itself, to colleagues and to customers of the Bank.

Responsible financing. Providing customers with complete and transparent information, as well as the correct selection of suitable Bank products and services.

Logo and slogan of the Bank

The Bank's slogan has a close relationship with the Bank's mission, and it means that the main objective of the Spitamen Bank's activities is to improve the well-being of the country's population: Live worthily!

Logo of the Bank:

The trademark consists of two semi-circles combined in one ring symbolizes endless business process. Arrow striving up symbolizes growth prospects and development of the bank. The trademark and the brand name “Spitamen Bank”, filled in the colors of gold and silver.

SpitamenBank Logo_en.png

The name of CJSC “Spitamen Bank” comes from the ‘Spitamen’ (etc.. Pers. Spitamana, etc.. Gr. Σπιταμένη, 370-328 years BC. E.), the name of the Sogdian warlord, leader of the rebellion in Sogdiana and Bactria against Alexander the Great in 329 b.