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When there is no time to wait money, but it is urgently necessary, you can rely on your Bank! Spitamen Bank offers the Lombard Loan “Daqiqa” which you can receive in 60 minutes.

Registration of the loan will require only the passport of the citizen of RT, INN and the identity document of the spouse \and (or the family member).   

 Loan amount - from 2 000    Loan amount - from 200 
 Interest rate - 27% p.a.

  Interest rate - 15% p.a.
(Collateral: gold products)

  Maturity: from 1 tо 24 months  
  To whom: to citizens of RT    
Repayment of the credit: free schedule of repayment  
  Guarantor: not required  

Loan calculator

We think of your time while you think of money.

Why take out a loan in Spitamen Bank?

  • Fast loan execution
  • Low interest rates
  • Individual and flexible approach to each client

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